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You are more than you think and you can see more than you currently see.

“ All leaders and organisations run out of room to grow. The world in flux and changing circumstances compel them to constantly outgrow and reinvent themselves. Research shows that top performing leaders share at least these three common traits:”

They have high levels of self-awareness and ego maturity

They nurture growth culture rather than a performance obsessed culture

They are purpose rather than profit driven

Paradoxically, these also represent some of the top leadership blind spots. I work with leaders and whole organisations to help them see through these blind spots, to unlock their limiting patterns and build new capabilities allowing them to reinvent themselves in significant new ways. Most frequently, I help in the following ways.


transformative learning programs to help existing and high potential leaders to lead with purpose, high levels of awareness and effectiveness


developmental programs and individual mentoring for people professionals who wish to upgrade their own leadership


facilitated workshops to help teams learn more about themselves and outgrow their limiting patterns


strategic workshop facilitation to help teams and whole organisations clarify their purpose, vision, values and strategic goals


individual coaching sessions for accomplished professionals who feel the desire to outgrow themselves, create a new vision and catalyse positive change for themselves and others

Here is a snapshot of what people say about working together:

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4 levels of listening

This is one of the biggest leadership blindspots: We often think we listen, when we don’t really. When we only listen to confirm what we already know, we miss out on new facts. When we listen only for new facts, we miss out on what shapes the other person’s perspective. When we only empathise, we miss out on what moves the whole process of interaction and what future possibilities wait to be unleashed. A short and sharp video on this here.


Where We Can Meet

March 14 - 15, 2019 Transformative Learning Conference, Oklahoma City, USA
April 11 - 12, 2019 HR Days: Empowering People, Rovinj, Croatia