My story


Who I am

I am more than one role and each client meets me in a unique mix of who I am: facilitator, developmental coach, educator, mentor, organisational development consultant and also a principled human being who likes to dive deep.

What I stand for

Simply put - integrity, balance, trust, growth and purpose.

My journey

I’ve spent close to 20 years in the corporate world and about the same time developing myself. I have experienced breakthroughs and dead-ends. Before setting out on my journey of following what I believe to be my purpose back in 2017, I spent about 10 years in various HR leadership roles in companies like Marks and Spencer and Alma Career. My last stopover in the role of Organisational Development Director in Alma Media, turned out to be a fateful and somewhat painful exposure of my own blindspot. I realized that the development of all involved would be constrained until I release myself from the boundaries defined by the internal organisational structure. By transforming my employment into a mutually developmental contractor relationship, I could start being more useful both inside and outside of Alma Media. I now work with corporate companies, start-ups, non-profit organisations, individual leaders, people professionals and also lecture at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University.

My qualifications

My first degree is in Humanities from Charles University in Prague and my two master’s degrees are in Clinical Psychology (Université Paris V) and Transpersonal Psychology (Alef Trust and Middlesex University in London). I am who I am and do what I do also because of many other certified trainings, e.g. facilitation of group processes at the Institute for Process Work, Lego® Serious Play® facilitation at the Association of Master Trainers, NLP at the Center for Systemic and NLP, deep transformational coaching through Center for Transformational Coaching and leadership agility coaching with Bill Joiner from ChangeWise.